About chichang

CCM is a world leader in extrusion machinery

Since our founding in 1972 CHI CHANG MACHINERY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD has been on a never-ending quest for breakthroughs and innovations in technology. CCM ensures that wherever our customers are in the world, all of our extrusion equipment and services reach outstanding levels of performance. Adhering to our motto of Integrity, Innovative technology and Sustainable services, CCM is dedicated to the design and fabrication of plastic extrusion machinery. Our product range includes air bubble film, foam extrusion, film extrusion foam board, extrusion production line and sheet extrusion. We have been honing our craft for over 45 years so that everything we manufacture is up to the highest of global standards.

Whatever your request, our exceptional craftsmen will be able to fulfill your demands

CCM have been committed to the design and fabrication of extrusion equipment for over 45 years. During this time our reputation has attracted companies from all over the world such as Irwin Research Inc (USA), to collaborate in order to mutually develop cutting–edge extrusion equipment.

Our user-friendly and performance-oriented innovative technology reduces the operating workload of workers, reduces the operating costs, increases the overall production capacity and this in turn generates more profit. You can rely on CCM to simultaneously secure both profit and quality for our clients.

World-class parts and components, Outstanding efficiency and quality

CCM not only owns world-class technology but also studies parts and components made by all of the top global brands in order to achieve stable quality, excellent performance and outstanding operating efficiency of machinery and equipment.